If you are a seaman who has been injured in an accident on a boat, you are entitled to compensation under the Jones Act of 1920. This act allows a seaman like yourself to sue the owner of the boat for the damages that have been incurred on the job. It is a lot like personal injury law but specific to boats and seamen like you. It is in place to make sure you can get help.

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Though the laws are a little bit different than the standard type of personal injury, the boat owner or the manufacturer are still considered to be at fault. You need help with jones act litigation houston tx has to offer. You will find a good lawyer who can guide you every step of the way through the process. Do not settle for a low settlement from an insurance company when you can get much more.

You see, the insurance company of the guilty party will most likely try to offer you a settlement so you will stay out of court. That is not what you really want to do. You have a right to sue under the Jones Act and that is just a fact. You were injured on the job on a boat and it was not your fault. Even if you did have some fault in the matter, the Act allows for you to get compensation.

Do not waste a minute on this. Right after you get the medical attention that you need, you should contact a good lawyer right away. Now is the right time to do this. You need to take action right away so you get the full compensation that you deserve under the Act. That is a clear fact that you need to understand in every way you can.

With the right lawyer on your side, you could be looking at substantial compensation.