Know Your Copyrights

You go this way, and you go that way, not knowing which way to turn. In this case, you are unsure of your rights as a photographer and/or writer. The two trades have been combined in this instance because the publishing trade and its environments have undergone drastic and/or revolutionary changes in the last twenty years or so. They have been quite drastic and revolutionary in the sense that where people and businesses have not been able to respond in the timely manner that would have been required, people have lost their jobs and companies have had to close its doors.

photography copyrights

In this case, one of the negatives has been the case of writing and photography copyrights being stolen right from under their noses. They never saw it coming, and what did not even occur to many of them was the fact that it was so easy to lift all the hard work pushed out by world-weary pens and handheld cameras that have now come to be replaced by today’s literary tools, to put it that way, the laptop computer and the smart mobile device. And the internet. And that is that. That is all it takes, still to this day.

People out there are no longer utilizing the much admired (are they even admired or appreciated anymore?) skills and artistry that go into producing manuscripts and photographic portfolios. They have come to exploit the most basic online skills required (that’s all it takes, really) to simply ‘copy and paste’ other people’s work. Know your copyrights today, now more than ever before in your professional lifetime. And exploit the legal minds that understand what you may be going through. They can help place you in a position of strength whereby everything you value is never lost.